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WHere Your DOnation Goes

Academic Support

We register students to rewrite their exams and guide them in their studies every step of the way. We provide one-on-one tutoring, group sessions, and access to online learning materials. We also provide students with stationery, textbooks, and data to facilitate their studies. 

Self-Development & Mentorship

In order to help our students gain the confidence and tools to succeed, we offer life-coaching and mentorship programs. In partnership with Next-Step Coaching, we offer life-coaching sessions to help our students overcome fear of failure, build self-esteem and develop the soft-skills needed to succeed. Our mentorship program partners our students with young role-models who can inspire, motivate, and guide them throughout the program.

Career Advancement

Ensuring success beyond after the matric examination is of equal importance to us. To help our students pursue further education and employment opportunities we provide career coaching services, computer skills training, CV assistance, and networking opportunities. Students who successfully complete their exams and go on to further their education or enter the workforce are still eligible to receive our support and continued assistance to ensure success.

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