Big group of students in Ukhanyo Foundation smiling and laughing

Apply to Be a Student

What to expect

If you are a student from a disadvantaged background who has recently failed your matric examinations, you may be eligible to join our program. We offer a multi-faceted program to support you in preparing to rewrite your matric examinations and apply to higher education institutions or find employment thereafter.

We are looking for motivated students who are committed to investing in their future. Our experienced tutors will meet with you once or twice a week to help you with the content and skills you need to pass. Online learning materials and remote tutoring will also be available to assist you in your preparation. You must also commit to attending group life-coaching sessions to help you process the emotional and mental consequences of failure and to help you gain the skills you need to succeed. The third part of our program is to help prepare you for life beyond school: we offer basic computer skills training, career guidance sessions, and a one-on-one mentorship program.

Please note that if you are accepted into our program, it is a year long commitment and we expect you to engage fully in order to have the best chance at succeeding. We do not charge any fees to join our program, and we do offer financial assistance for transport and data costs if you need it. All textbooks, stationery, and learning materials will be provided to you - you just need to show up!

Apply now if you would like to be a part of our journey in 2021 - we look forward to welcoming you into the Ukhanyo family.

Student Application Form

Please fill out the following form and provide as much detail as possible. Please note that we have limited space and there is no guarantee of admittance into our program.