Group of senior mentors at Ukhanyo Foundation

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What to expect

In order to help our students gain the confidence and tools to succeed, we offer life-coaching and mentorship programs. In partnership with Next-Step Coaching, we offer life-coaching sessions to help our students overcome fear of failure, build self-esteem and develop the soft-skills needed to succeed. Our mentorship program partners our students with young role-models who can inspire, motivate, and guide them throughout the program.

We are always looking for volunteers to assist in the creation of online learning resources, tutor matric subjects, or help with homework and curriculum design. Tutors who are looking to get more involved can apply to join our mentorship programme and become a mentor to one of our program participants.

Tutor/Mentor Application

Please fill out the following form and provide as much detail as possible. Please note that we have limited space and there is no guarantee of admittance into our program.